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ARK Design ATCC Throttle Controller UNIVERSAL

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01-0006X-00 ATCC Throttle Controller
Includes Harness & Stand
01-0101X-00 Water/Oil Temperature Sensor

Product Description

Eco Mode Alarm
With the Eco drive setting, the ATCC provides audio and visual cues to help promote maximum fuel efficiency.

Simple Adjustment and Control
Using the roller switch, it’s easy to adjust the ATCC settings and functions on-the-fly.

Control is the ATCC’s Middle Name
Five selectable control modes ensure the best application for your driving situation. Standard mode, Eco Mode and sports mode, as well as two user-defined memory settings allow for the ultimate in acceleration control precision.

Drive-by-Wire, Adjust by ATCC Fine Tuning how you put the Pedal to the Metal.
ARK Design’s accelerator throttle curve controller (ATCC) is an add-on electronics unit that modifies your vehicle’s drive-by-wire throttle signal output and allows you to modify acceleration response to your liking. The unit can be adjusted to increase or decrease accelerator “sensitivity” in up to 10 increments between “closed throttle” and “wide-open throttle.

Quick Install Harnesses Available
Car specific harnesses available for quick and easy installation. Also available separately for multi-car installations.

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